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Sinus Lift

The sinus lift or sinus lift graft procedure is a relatively common form of oral plastic surgery that is designed to increase the height of the maxillary bone so that further reconstructive work, such as dental implants can be done. The maxillary sinuses are located behind the cheekbones and run from under the eyes to the area just above the upper back teeth.

Very frequently the roots of the upper back teeth will protrude into these sinuses. Then when one or more of these teeth need to be removed there is not much supportive bone left between the maxillary sinus and the mouth. This is a problem for dentists and their patients because it means there is very little natural bone in which to anchor a dental implant.

In the sinus lift procedure the periodontal or other surgeon enters the sinus from the location of the missing upper tooth or teeth. The sinus membrane is then gently manipulated upward after which a bone grafting material is placed at the base of the sinus. When there is sufficient bone present between the jaw and the bottom of the sinus the periodontist can proceed immediately to placing a dental implant.

If there is not enough bone available before healing then further work in the area must wait until the bone and any bone grafting material placed there have thoroughly integrated. Complete and successful healing may take several months and will depend on the age and health of the patient. When the periodontist determines that the bone is sufficiently healed and permanently attached to the floor of the sinus then the process of placing dental implants can proceed.

At Century City Periodontics the highly trained team is experienced in the sinus lift procedure and everything necessary for successful dental implants. Our goal is to work with our patient's and their general dentists to fully restore dental function and a beautiful smile.

If teeth are missing from the Posterior Maxilla (jaw) there is no stimulation to keep the bone from experiencing astrophy. The area astrophies because there is a slightly higher pressure in the sinus and the sinus enlarges with time.   The ‘sinus lift’ procedure involves: a) Lifting the gum b) Making an opening in the bone c) Lifting the membrane that lines the Sinus and raising it to the desired level. usually it is raised to the original size or slightly greater.

The sinus is then filled with a bone substitute. this can be synthetic bone, freeze dried demineralized human bone or bone from animals such as the cow (bovine bone). The patients own bone can also be used from another location.   This bone acts like a matrix and encourages bone to grow in between the spaces. It is also reabsorbed and replaced with the patients own bone. With certain bovine bone substitutes as much as 70% of the bone is replaced in 7-9 months.

The bone area becomes more and more like the original with time. With time the bone will become 100% the patients own bone unless we used a non reabsorbable material.   When the bone is sufficiently matured, usually 7-9 months with bovine bone and 4-6 months for patients own bone (autograft) the implant fixture can then be placed.

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