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Oral Pathology

Oral pathology refers to any disease in the mouth. There are a great number of problems, infections and lesions that can occur in the mouth affecting the gums, teeth and bone. There are also many other conditions that affect the oral cavity ranging from very uncomfortable "canker sores" to the unsightly "hairy tongue". The mouth can be attacked by tiny blisters or yeast like fungus.

There are conditions that cause the mouth to feel burned or the tongue to appear fissured. At Century City Periodontics our professionals are experienced in distinguishing periodontal disease from the many other types of oral pathology. As necessary we work closely with other specialists when the gum disease is a component of another health condition such as diabetes.

Periodontal disease can affect and compromise total body health. The organisms identified in periodontal disease cause inflammation in the gum tissues. They are also implicated as contributing to serious inflammatory problems in other parts of the body. Current scientific research is finding more and more evidence of the seriousness of having active periodontal disease.

The most common evidence of periodontal pathology in the mouth is swollen, tender and often bleeding gum tissue. This may be accompanied by "bad" breath from pus in the gum pockets around affected teeth. In advanced disease some teeth may feel "loose" others may be lost or very painful.

Our team at Century City Periodontics has the training and experience to diagnosis and treatment plan for problems ranging from mild gingivitis to very advanced periodontitis. The surgical options for treating difficult cases have expanded and our Periodontists are skilled in all the most recent techniques. From patient education to implant technology our dental team can help diagnose and treat periodontal disease.

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