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Dental Insurance
Today many people have some kind of dental insurance coverage. At Century City Periodontics if you have dental insurance, as a courtesy service we will bill your insurance company for any services rendered. When you come to the office just bring your current insurance information with you or even send it in advance of your appointment.

If necessary we can help you find out what benefits might be available on your plan. It is important to understand that most dental insurance policies have strict limits on the kinds of work they will cover and the amount of reimbursement they offer. These allowances do not always coincide with the best patient care.

For all new patients we ask that you pay for your initial appointment at the time of service and we will then bill a dental carrier if you have insurance. If any payment is received we refund it to you.

When a series of treatment appointments is scheduled we can can discuss financial and insurance arrangements with you. We take all major credit cards, cash, personal checks and money orders. We can offer you contacts to dental payment plans such as Care Credit when that would be useful. We believe that you must fully understand both your treatment possibilities and their costs. Every aspect of your treatment planning and care here will be thoroughly discussed to your satisfaction.

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