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Chin Bone Graft

The chin graft is one of many different types of periodontal surgery that call for taking natural bone from one source and grafting it to another boney area in the mouth to support additional corrective or cosmetic procedures. Although the chin graft falls under the category of gum surgery in so far as it requires manipulation of the gums, it deals primarily with the process of building up the bone along the jaw that has collapsed or deteriorated due to injury, extraction or disease.

In many cases, dentists and periodontists will be presented with a situation where a tooth has been removed and has left insufficient tissue and bone on which to anchor a dental implant. Regardless of what has caused the deficiency in bone at the recipient site, the chin graft is a viable surgical option for replacing that bone and supporting further reconstructive work.

There are a number of sources of bone that can be used in periodontal surgeries calling for bone grafts. Despite the variety of materials available for other bone graft surgeries, the chin graft procedure relies on taking the bone graft directly from the chin.

One of the advantages of the chin graft is that it allows the dentist to move quickly and more effectively in the surgery because of the close proximity of the bone source. In most cases, the bond between the chin graft and the recipient bone is reinforced with the addition of alloplastic or synthetic material.

Periodontists now have access to the very latest in synthetic materials as well as access to human and other natural bone material. The professionals at Century City Periodontists in Los Angeles will use only the highest quality materials and will evaluate each case individually for the best surgical choices. The Century City team is a good choice for any patients needing cosmetic or corrective periodontal work.

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