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Block Bone Graft

The more usual bone grafts use materials to fill in a tooth socket or increase the thickness of bone between the jaw and maxillary sinus cavity.

Bone loss can be extremely severe when there is serious injury to the teeth and jaw or when bone resorption occurs after months or years of teeth missing from the jaw. In these cases then a block bone graft would likely be the necessary procedure.

A block bone graft is done in the thick ridge of alveolar bone containing the sockets which hold the teeth in place. It requires a much thicker specimen of bone which for overall success must be taken from a nearby donor area. In most cases this larger amount of graft material is taken from the lower jaw (ramus). It can however also be taken from an area of the chin.

Treatment planning for this kind of reconstruction greatly resembles fitting jigsaw pieces together. Obviously how and where the bone is placed must be meticulously plotted. The procedure is only used in an area where the bone loss is of major significance and where there is no other way to successfully restore that area of the mouth.

Broken tooth. Root tip removed with elevator not damaging the bone.   This is the perfect time to place an implant. there is no bone loss and the tissues are formed properly.

If no implant is placed there will be atrophy of the bone.   A flap is made to expose the bone. The area is decertified (providing holes and thus access for blood and cells to come from the bone to the resorbed area).

Ample access holes are made.   Bone substitute can be placed to partially fill the defect.

A piece of the patient's own bone can be placed in the defect and secured with bone screws.   Additional bone substitute can be placed around the block to fill the voids.

It has been shown to deliver excellent results when it is required and when healed can then support the placement of dental implants. This can restore a severely compromised dental condition to much better function. Not all periodontists are equipped to perform this relatively new technique. The professional team at Century City Periodontics is prepared to determine if this is a correct procedure in a severe case and if so are fully experienced to perform this innovative procedure.

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